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Here you'll be able to download articles produced by Andy Stokes. Now some of them will be new, and some may be familiar and reproduced. But what the heck "I wrote them, I can do what I want with them!"

Legal Innovation - It's all interlinked
A PDF showing how Innovation and Changes are all interlinked
Adobe Acrobat document [521.6 KB]
Legal I.T. – Top Tips for dealing with Legal Professionals
Some experience based tips on how to deal with these sometimes, allegedly, 'difficult' people.
Adobe Acrobat document [483.2 KB]
Law Firm Mergers - A Perfect Storm
Why do systems mergers in the wake of law firm mergers always flounder on the iceberg of The Project Triangle? (first published in The Legal Technology Insider)
Adobe Acrobat document [881.1 KB]
What Law Firms can learn from The Cloud and Big Data
Described by Charles Christian as 'refreshingly blunt', this article first appeared on the Legal Technology Insider website.
Adobe Acrobat document [749.5 KB]
Law firm mergers (we're not allowed to call them "take-overs"')
An infographic on Law Firm mergers.
Plan for worms ... there are always worms ...
Adobe Acrobat document [504.7 KB]
SharePoint as a Legal DMS? It's not the Parrots fault!
This week the Legal technology Insider considers that SharePoint for Legal DMS may be a dead parrot.
But Andy argues that its not the Parrots fault.
Adobe Acrobat document [344.5 KB]
My 15 years in Legal IT/Finance - My how things have changed!
An infographic of the challenges we face in Legal IT/Finance, compared to when I started 15 years ago.
Portable network image format [2.9 MB]
Elephants in the Room - The problems with Law Firm Business Intelligence Projects
Why BI products are never the answers without addressing the key non-technical factors with large Law Firm Business Intelligence projects. PDF version of article first published on the Legal Technology Insider, May 2014.
Adobe Acrobat document [596.4 KB]
Law Firm Leadership
Examining why Law Firm Leadership gets it wrong by chasing short term profitability - and how some get it right.
Adobe Acrobat document [807.4 KB]
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