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Charitable Donations

Its nice to do well; and feels right to give a ... Community Contribution.


Many clients of ASC give generously to charities they support - it would be churlish, if having worked for such generous clients, ASC were not to do the same. And to be honest it feels good too!


Our undertaking is that once the accounts are done and dusted at year end, 5% of retained profits for ASC Limited will be donated to charity.


Having completed out first year end then we've done just that; check out the Community Contribution link (Top right)

Our CSR policies ...

2015/16 Carbon Offset

Too many corporations only think about shareholder value and minimising outgoings ...particularly those that, how shall we say "Dodge Tax like a Zombie Apocalypse".


And there at those who only think about today and not for the environment or future generations.


Not ASC, hence the carbon offset certificate



So ASC Limited is happy to make the following declarations:

  • Taxation:
    • Subject to cash-flow - so please pay your bills on time - all taxation due from ASC Limited will be paid before due dates. For example Corporation Tax will be paid as soon as possible. If we've done well, and been paid on time, then we should be decent and honest.

      • Out target is to pay Corporation Tax within 3 months of Year End.

      • All PAYE, NI  and VAT is paid as due.

    • No ‘Avoidance’

      • All items which are not allowable for tax will be declared as such; for example Client Entertaining - you won't see it, but this years accounts have stated all non allowable Client Entertainig expenditure as such.

      • No claims for spurious allowances; for example travel and subsistence within commutable distance from home. The past year has involved working in Brum quite a lot; but no claims for the 29 bus or sarnies at work.


  • Environment

    • We’ll deliver our services as you require, but unnecessary travel will be avoided.

      • Remote logins are good - less travel; and I can work in my JimJams, so less washing!

    • We recycle

      • If we’re on site, just point us to the recycling bins.

      • If we're working at home then we'll try and keep 'the Bin Men' busy.

    • We'll be carbon nuetral and will pay carbon offset for flights.

  • Suppliers

    • All suppliers of goods and services will always be paid on time.



It's really quite easy to comply with HMRC - ASC's accountants are Nixon Williams 



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